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The FAST Technique uncovers clever wordplays for your particular need
We like ambiguity more than most people

Your English teacher taught you to eliminate ambiguity from your papers. Maybe she was right... except for all those times you WANT to be ambiguous.

Irony and humor THRIVE on ambiguity. Intentionally conveying two meanings at once is not only economical, it sticks in people's minds. In a punchline, the sudden shift from one mental image to another unexpected image brings out a burst of laughter.

The FAST technique unlocks ambiguous structures (sentences and phrases) tailored to your message. Use it to expand the landscape of possibilities, sort through options quickly, and identify the most promising candidates.

The WordSpark web app works through all these steps automatically, behind the scenes.

  • Find

    Expand the wordscape with synonyms, collocates, idioms, and more.

  • Alter

    Reshape your words in subtle ways using rhymes, voicing changes, and different affixes.

  • Sort

    Find the words with more than one part of speech.

  • Treat

    Insert these versatile words into their destined PhraseWorthy formulas.

The Linguist

25+ years of research in structural ambiguities
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Dallin D. Oaks, PhD

Professor of English Language
Associate Professor of English Linguistics at Brigham Young University


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